My human name is Jo Breese. Vector That Fox is something I had written on a to-do list for so long that it stuck.

My mum is an illustrator, my grandma was a typesetter, and my grandpa was a calligrapher and painter. My evenings and weekends growing up often involved drawing, exploring my mum’s first iMac G3, joining her on trips to paint murals in houses and schools, and scanning hundreds of pages of line work (sometimes adding colour digitally, or with watercolours). I have been raised in an environment where adults draw every day; where we would talk about pens and brushes for hours. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that this wasn’t normal for everyone, and my mum and I are never allowed to play Pictionary when we visit others. I’ve come from a line of multidisciplinary creatives and, rather than sharing a particular skill set or limited toolkit, it’s more accurate to say that all my life I have been taught a way of seeing and thinking in an extremely visual capacity.

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2014, with a 1st class degree in Graphic Design: Illustration. During my time on the course, I was lucky enough to get a few small jobs with some big freelance clients, and started my way into the world of proper professional illustration. Since graduating, I’ve continued to freelance, as well as taking a regular post creating illustrations and graphics for The Sunday Times newspaper, and running an Etsy and holding tables at various events. I now also teach illustration part-time at my old university. I don’t really ever stop drawing, and I feel incredibly happy that I can do so in many different ways and contexts.